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Thursday, 1 October 2015

18 months to go!

This is the craziest, wildest project that I have ever started. And yes, it has well and truly begun, with all the blogs, facebook pages, twitter accounts and e-mail addresses in place. I have even contacted some companies for sponsorships!

Am I excited? You bet! But also scared silly. I'm bacon, now: totally committed. No quitting allowed.

Join Johanne and I as we go through the whole preparation process, getting fit, raising the money, gearing up, cutting through the red tape and - ultimately - embarking on the walk itself.

There's a donation button at the top of this page. All contributions will be appreciated, no matter how small. I'll sort out the red tape when I get to it. By then, the "cause" should be established!

I reckon if I only do one thing a day with this project, I will have taken 550 actions by May 2017. Small, deliberate steps...

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