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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Day 2

Getting sponsorships is not easy, especially not as an individual. Of the four companies I have approached, I received 3 and a half "NO" answers. The last half was an invitation to resubmit my application early in 2016 (which I shall do, just after midnight on January 1!).

All three the "no" companies support worthwhile humanitarian and environmental causes already, anyway, so I shall still support them.

I'm closing down my first attempt at a crowdfund campaign on Saturday noon. It was a bust! $50 raised. That said, since I get to keep the money, it's still more than I had when I started!

YES, I am already planning a second and even a third round. This time, however, it'll be well-executed with many key players in place.  I'm not expecting money for nothing - crowdfunding is actually an activity involving a helluvalot of effort. It's time for my Communications degree to get a proper workout!

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